The nursery will provide breakfast, lunch, tea, morning and afternoon snacks for your child depending on their attendance.

Pre-School children are developing faster than at any other time in their lives, therefore their diets require the right kind of tasty nutritious foods to encourage healthy growth.

So to embrace all these needs our cook and catering team have developed unique colour-coded menus to provide all the information on what their children will be eating while at one of our settings These menus are displayed on our notice boards.

  • All menus are different depending on which setting your child attends.
  • These fully nutritional meals are prepared by catering staff who hold the relevant food Hygiene certificates.
  • At meal times practitioners sit with the children to encourage conversation which makes them a social and happy time and helps promote good eating habits.
  • Special diets can be catered for on request.

After lunch those who wish have the opportunity to sleep.

A ‘snack shack ’ is available throughout the morning and afternoon to give children the opportunity to choose from a selection of fresh fruit or vegetables and drinks of milk or water this is for the for the pre-school classes , the younger children have a snack time where they will be giving the same choices but have it in a group , throughout snack time the practitioners will discuss the fruit or vegetables size, shape and likes and dislikes or where ever the conversation take them . We see this a key time for interactions.

We work with parents/carers when babies are ready to be weaned. Parents/carers and practitioners work together to plan the foods that are introduced, and when they are introduced.

What is important is that parents/carers feel part of this special time as their babies mature and develop their taste buds!

All dietary needs are met in all our settings if it due to allergies or religious beliefs, this will discussed with you on setting in sessions and if required with the cook.

As part of our healthy choices ethos we follow and practice the Start Well Programme we are currently a level 3.

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A Typical Menu

A choice of cereals, a mix of white and brown toast & fruit, Milk or water
Shepherd’s pie, green beans, cauliflower & gravy – peach slices with yoghurt & water
Vegetarian option
Vegetarian shepherd’s pie, green beans, cauliflower & gravy – peach slices with yoghurt & water
Pitta bread dippers, houmous, bread sticks, celery sticks, carrot sticks & water
Snack AM & PM
A selection of fruit and vegetables with a choice of milk or water

Babies who are weaning have a separate menu until they are ready to start on the main menu, this will be given to you in addition as part of your communication books.

The practitioners will discuss with the parents when they feel the children are ready to introduce different foods.
This is guided by the parent’s wishes and the age of the child.